This video explains the setup and running of the program.
This will show setting the interface colour options and adding photographs with the GUI dialogue box. It will also show some of the program's background workings as you add to the database.
This will show adding photographs using the command line (CMD). It shows some commands to navigate, copy and list files in the system. Essentailly writing out file paths to a txt file using the archive attribute to find the newest files.

This shows how to open a selected photograph in the default editor used by the operating system.

This shows how to modify multiple photographs entered into the database. This also shows some futher workings of the program in the background.

This shows how to modify a single photograph entered into the database. The modify a single entry allows for a work around for some photographs that the JAI framework cannot create a thumbnail from. Any file that does not load is written into an error file.

Finding errors in the database. While the only real error is a file missing, this will also show entries with no search words.

Deleting entries from the database. This shows some more background working of the program.

How to search for entries. This is quite basic, but again i had no need for complex searches. i only wanted a program to help me find photograps that i know i have somewhere.

Final round up. How to uninstall and how to examine the code for yourself.